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Prince Edward Island

Anne of Green Gables Home

This was one of our favorite locations on our Quebec to Boston Cruise in May.  We had such a delightful group of artists and enjoyed our painting excursions, onboard workshop, group dinners, and nights of music at the Piano Bar.  Thank you to everyone who joined us.

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Make A Vision Board for 2013 – Cindy Briggs

To start out 2013 I really wanted to try making a vision board.  My daughter, Kelsey home from college and I needed a fun project to inspire us for the new year.  We each made something.  I made a vision board with images symbolizing hopes and dreams for the future.  Goals, intentions, whatever you want to call it.

To make a Vision Board all you need is some magazines, a posterboard, and rubber cement, or “Yes” Glue.  Glue Sticks tend to wrinkle the paper.  Start looking through magazines and pull or cut out pictures that you like.  Don’t think about design or anything specific, just tear out some pictures, words, symbols, whatever catches your eye.  Once you have a big pile of images, start laying them out on your board and glue the parts and pieces down.  You will find you have layers of words and images.  You may need to type some words and find some images on the computer.

According to my cousin, Creative Coach – Carol Harrison, she made a vision book in 2012 with 50 pages of intentions for the future.  Within one year 45 of those intentions (goals) came true. Creative people prefer the word “Intention”, it’s less stressful.

Here is my vision board, if you make one send us a .jpg to share.

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Holiday Workshops

Sign up for Theresa’s new Holiday workshops to be announced soon.  Here are some projects we recently demonstrated at Daniel Smith – it was so much fun to paint small simple paintings to be used as gifts and cards.

Learn how to paint Holiday Wreaths and more at Theresa’s Studio in December. Watch for dates and times to be announced soon.


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Photos from the Scott Milo Opening on November 2, 2012

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