Business of Art Workshops

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Discover an easy way to save money, work out your income and expenses. We’ve had a CPA create a very functional excel spreadsheet that you can plug in your estimated travel, meal. lodging, field trip, out of pocket expenses, exchange rates, number of rooms and number of guests and get the cost per student/non-student and track expenses estimates is now available for purchase on this site in our SHOP or click here:  Art Workshop Budget Tracker

Check out our interview by Bob Bahr with Outdoor Painter for a three part series of articles:
Running A Workshop Part 1- Planning & Preparation
Running A Workshop Part 2 – Marketing
Running A Workshop Part 3 – Execution

BlogTalkRadio Show “Artist’s Helping Artists” Interview. 
We share the process of running your own touring workshop in the US and abroad.  

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The Business of Art Workshops - Paint! Travel! Teach!